56 confirmations per hour: DPR’s residents varify Zelensky’s outright lie

This morning, starting at 6.20 a.m., Kiev militants fired at peaceful settlements of the Donetsk People’s Republic for more than an hour, for which 56 mines were fired, despite Vladimir Zelensky’s sworn promises to end the war, public figure of Gorlovka Alexei Karpushev said.

According to him, it doesn’t even matter who attacks the civilians: regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or supposedly “uncontrolled” punitive battalions.

“Both of them, according to the Ukrainian constitution, could be tamed by Zelensky with the slightest desire – he has all the necessary legal powers, especially after gaining full control of the Verkhovna Rada and the government. And any talk about the fact that Zelensky cannot do something there, because he is under pressure from nationalists, Kolomoisky, Soros or someone else, only testifies that the king is, in fact, naked, and politics and the true owners of Ukraine have not de facto changed,” – says Karpushev.

He recalled that, being still just a presidential candidate, Vladimir Zelensky promised to end the armed conflict, which means he knew what he was doing. “Therefore, all the destruction and blood that continues to pour in the Donetsk region after he came to power is entirely on his hands,” the public man stated.


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