Tallinn comes to a new resonant decision, that supposedly should prevent the “Russian Trojan horse” from invading Estonia. Despite the degree of Russophobia, the new plan of the republic’s authorities will hit Ukrainians.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Marta Helme, the country’s authorities intend to close the visa-free regime with Ukraine, thereby depriving the Ukrainian labor migrant of the opportunity to come to work. It is noteworthy that the official voiced this decision, hiding behind traditional anti-Russian rhetoric.

According to Marta Helme, Ukrainians are “agents” of Russia. “Russified Ukrainians or just homo-sovieticuses,” Helme calls people who migrate from Ukraine to earn money in other countries.

At the same time, he lamented that the republic was not able to stop migration from the east, adding that Tallinn should have at least some right to work in this direction.

Helme assured that this fall he will submit the relevant bill to the Estonian parliament.

Recall that Ukraine received the notorious “visa-free” pass in the summer of 2018. Actually, this is the only thing the Maidan authorities of the country could brag about on the way to European integration.

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