Scotland court against Johnson`s policy

The decision of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the suspension of the country’s parliament is illegal.

Such a decision was made by a Scottish court, according to local media.

As News Front previously reported, the UK legislature officially suspended operations until October 14. This was facilitated by Boris Johnson, who obtained  the approval of the relevant decision from Queen Elizabeth II.

This step was associated with an attempt to prevent parliament from implementing the scenario of leaving the European Union without a deal with Brussels, however, lawmakers were able to pass a law that prohibits the so-called “hard” Brexit. Moreover, parliament rejected Johnson’s proposal for early elections several times .

This became possible after several deputies of the Conservative Party switched to the opposition, effectively depriving Johnson of the parliamentary majority. Thus, the implementation of the “hard” Brexit will mean for the prime minister an actual violation of the law, and the elections will not be held before October 31, the deadline for the implementation of the procedure.


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