Europe needs to do more to ensure its own security,- German Chancellor  says

The United States will no longer automatically protect Europe, and it needs to make more efforts to ensure its own security. This was announced on Wednesday by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the debate in the Bundestag on the federal budget for 2020.
According to Merkel, the US is a superpower “both militarily and economically.” “Europe is bound by values ​​with this superpower, despite all the differences of opinion. There is much in common, but there is no longer automatism in the fact that, just like during the Cold War, they will play the role of defender of Europe,” – Merkel said. “A more significant contribution from Europe is needed here,”  – Merkel emphasized.

The Chancellor emphasized that “this debate [in the German parliament] takes place at a time of major changes and a shift in forces in the world.”

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