The Democratic Party of Moldova is looking for an alliance with the socialists

After the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc failed the coup attempt and hastily fled the country, the Democratic Party, whose leader he was until recently, split. This was told by analyst Igor Botsan in a commentary for Radio Liberty, funded by the US State Department.

According to him, at the moment in the PDM there are three factions that have shown themselves at the recent congress of the political formation. The first is the faction led by ex-prime minister of the republic Pavel Filip. The expert emphasizes that at the moment she is “winning the intra-party competition.” The second faction invariably supports Plahotniuc. She is represented by the former Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova Andrian Candu. The third fraction consists of those who joined the PDM from the Communists.

“The latter, as I know, generally have a different position and prefer to get closer to the socialists,” – Boatsan emphasizes.

As News Front previously reported, on Saturday, September 7, a congress of the Democratic Party of Moldova was held in Chisinau, at which Pavel Filip was elected chairman of the political force. Philip himself said that the Democratic Party needs to learn a lesson from the current situation. He also assured that PDM “will again become popular, respected and loved”. In addition, according to Philip, it was she who “should become a real European party of a social orientation”.


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