Despite the indicative desire of certain political forces of Georgia for Euro-Atlantic integration, the country is far from being at the forefront of US national interests, political analyst Petre Mamradze told in a comment for Sputnik.

According to him, it is precisely with this clouding ambition of pro-Western forces that the Department of State is in no hurry to appoint after Tbilisi.

“Georgia is a country of the wrong importance to arouse priority attention of the American administration, Congress, Senate, etc. Therefore, we are observing a routine situation,” – the expert noted, drawing attention to the fact that the United States does not currently have ambassadors in many states.

Recall that the head of the American diplomatic mission in Georgia has been absent for a year and a half. The post was vacated at the beginning of the year before last, and only now, US President Donald Trump proposed the candidacy of diplomat Kelly Degnan, who is a political consultant to the commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa.

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