The German government condemns the new tests in the DPRK of two short-range missiles, since they contradict the decisions of the UN Security Council, calls on Pyongyang to abandon further provocations and return to the negotiation process, an official spokeswoman for the German Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

“The FRG government condemns the DPRK’s next test of two short-range missiles, these were the tenth tests of such weapons systems this year. The UN Security Council ordered the DPRK to abandon the ballistic missile program. The missile launch contradicts the statements made yesterday by North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Tsoi Song Hee, about readiness to resume negotiations with the US, “said a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, whose words are quoted on the agency’s newsletter.

According to her, in Berlin “they urge the DPRK to implement its statements on readiness for negotiations and to abandon further provocations.” She added that the goal of the negotiations is “a complete, verifiable and irreversible end to the DPRK’s ballistic missile program and weapons of mass destruction programs.”

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday morning, North Korea conducted two launches of shells or missiles from Pyeongchang Namdo province towards the Sea of Japan. The range of the projectile was 330 kilometers. The Japanese government said the launches did not threaten the country’s security.

DPRK First Deputy Foreign Minister Choi Song Hee said earlier that in the second half of September the DPRK is ready to hold talks with the United States on the issues discussed earlier.

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