News Front military correspondents have visited one of the most dangerous places on the map of hostilities in Donbass and have become eyewitnesses of the Ukrainian so-called ceasefire. 

The obligation to comply with the agreement on a comprehensive, sustainable and indefinite truce has been in force in Donbass since July 21. At the moment, the truce is not respected, the war begins to flare up with renewed vigor.

In the video you can see the consequences of shelling by Ukrainian fighters of the DPR’s south, Kominternovo. Fifteen destroyed houses that cannot be restored have been blazing there. Only one day of shelling brings such consequences, while the Ukrainian army has been shelling Donbass for the sixth year.

At the time of filming this report, the News Front war correspondents became a target for punishers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Later, the Ukrainian military nonstop bombed Kominternovo. Even dwelling houses were shaken by the heavy artillery shells.

At the time when the work on the report was completed, the list of victims due to the fault of Kiev militants was renewed.

One civilian died and another was seriously injured as a result of the rupture of Ukrainian ammunition in Spartak. 

The war in Donbass continues.

Author’s shooting of war correspondents for the News Front team, Katerina Katina and George Medvedev.

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