In Bulgaria ex-chief editor of the “Duma” Yuri Boriso was arrested – Washington think tanks began intimidation and cleaning using state structures. The arrested journalist is accused of “spying”.

On September 9, Yuri Borisov was arrested at his home early in the morning, said his wife, journalist Dora Chichkova. The date is not chosen by chance.

Witnesses confirmed that the journalist, who is currently one of the secretaries of the “Rusofila” national movement, was detained with handcuffs.

Borisov’s detention was connected with a case instituted on July 3, 2019 under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

The article provides that anyone who speaks for a foreign country or a foreign organization as a spy is punished with imprisonment for a term of 5 to 15 years.

Borisov’s house was searched, computers and various documents were seized. Yuri Borisov was detained by police for interrogation at a special prosecutor’s office.

He had a serious heart attack a few days ago and was physically ill, his wife said.

Also from the “Duma” publication it was reported that they were unable to contact the chairman of the “Rusophila” Movement Nikolai Malinov or his wife.

According to unofficial information, searches are also being conducted in their homes and offices. In the morning, Malinov was supposed to participate in the program of the Bulgarian television channel bTV, but he did not appear in the studio.