A bill requiring the British prime minister to ask Brexit delay if there is no agreement with the EU, has received Royal Assent and became law.

The essence of the bill introduced by Labor Hilary Benn is that if Britain still does not have a new agreement with the EU on October 19 (two days after the EU summit), the prime minister will have to ask Brussels to postpone Brexit October 31 this year until January 31, 2020, unless deputies vote for the withdrawal without agreement.

The bill was passed by both houses of parliament in record time: it passed all three readings in the house of representatives in one day, the House of Lords approved it in two days.

At the same time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson strongly opposes any deferral of Brexit and intends to withdraw the country from the EU on October 31, in any case – with or without a deal. How exactly he is going to do this without violating the law (and breaking the law threatens him with a lawsuit and potentially even a prison) is not entirely clear, given that the chances of holding early elections, changing the alignment of forces in parliament and achieving the repeal of the law are tiny.

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