State Department bargains with Pyongyang – Kim Jong-Un asked to play along with Trump

President Donald Trump would be “extremely disappointed” if the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-Un does not demonstrate commitment to a dialogue on denuclearization, which began last summer at a summit in Singapore. This statement was made by the head of the US Department of State, Michael Pompeo, in an interview with ABC.

“I believe President Trump will be extremely disappointed if Chairman Kim refuses to return to the negotiation process or tests missiles that run counter to previous agreements,” said Pompeo, expressing hope for an early resumption of dialogue at the working level.

The Secretary of State assured that so far North Korea has not violated the agreements regarding missile tests, although he complained about the actions of Pyongyang, demanding that the missile launches be stopped.

According to him, the main task of Washington is to completely deprive the DPRK of its nuclear arsenal. “This is our goal, on which we continue to work,” concluded Pompeo.

As News Front previously reported, the seemingly promising negotiations between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un did not justify themselves. The North Korean side has demonstrated its commitment to denuclearization by eliminating one of the largest nuclear testing sites in the country, but the American president refused to ease sanctions pressure, demanding complete disarmament from Pyongyang.

It is also worth noting that Pompeo’s calls were made on the eve of the US presidential race.
Probably, Donald Trump expects to use negotiations with Kim Jong-un as a PR-move, especially given that the Americans in sociological studies criticized his foreign policy.


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