Captain of a rescue ship sues Salvini

Former Italian Interior Minister Salvini is facing legal consequences of his policies. An investigation is underway against him for alleged defamation of the captain of the Sea-Watch rescue ship, Carola Rocket. She sued him.

The rocket was arrested at the end of June on the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa after she brought 40 illegal immigrants on board the Sea-Watch 3, despite a ban from the Italian authorities.

Salvini repeatedly called the German captain in the media and on Facebook a “criminal” and a “pirate”.

“The rocket violates Italian laws, attacks Italian police boats and sues me. I’m not afraid of mafia and I’m not afraid of a rich and spoiled German communist,” – wrote Salvini.

Despite a recent change of government, Salvini remains the most popular Italian politician, who, due to his strict immigration policy, continues to be supported by a wave of popular approval.