US President Donald Trump has expressed concern about the potential deterioration of the economic situation in the country in conversations with close associates , which could reduce his chances of re-election for a second term. This was reported on Saturday by CNN.

According to his sources, the American leader, despite his statements that the US economy is now stronger than ever, instructed subordinates to develop a number of measures to increase consumer confidence. These include a possible tax cut and new trade arrangements with Canada and Mexico. In addition, among the steps under consideration, increasing pressure on the US Federal Reserve System (FRS), which acts as the country’s Central Bank, in order to achieve a reduction in the base interest rate from it.
The publication claims that Trump and his associates, in particular, senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, recently personally phoned influential American entrepreneurs. In telephone conversations, they allegedly convinced businessmen that there were reasons for optimism regarding the economic situation in the United States, as well as trade disputes between Washington and Beijing.
According to the sources of the channel, the White House fears that the economic situation in the country for the presidential election scheduled for November 2020 may not be so favorable as to strengthen Trump’s position.

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