Protesters in Hong Kong turned to Trump: “save Hong Kong!”

Protesters in Hong Kong turned to the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, with a request to “save” the city,- Reuters reports.
Demonstrators carried American flags and posters with democratic slogans.

“Fight for freedom, support Hong Kong,” “Lean against Beijing, free Hong Kong,” – protesters shouted. The police did not intervene.
“When the United States at this moment got bogged down in a trade war with China, this is a good opportunity for us to show (the United States – Ed.) how pro-Chinese groups also violate people’s rights in Hong Kong and contribute to police brutality,” –  Cherry ,a protestor said, when the convoy reached the US consulate.

It was reported that in Hong Kong on September 7, new protests began in response to police security measures at the airport, which the protesters tried to block.
On September 4, Hong Kong leader Kerry Lem announced the possibility of canceling amendments to the extradition bill that would allow the suspects to be extradited to mainland China. This initiative caused massive protests in the city in June .