US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo named the main condition on which the possibility of holding a meeting between US leader Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the general political debate of the UN General Assembly.

“We want to make consultations. President Trump has stated that he is prepared to meet with President Rowhan without preconditions. He said this repeatedly, ” – the chief of American diplomacy stated. When he was asked if he believes that the leaders will meet during the UN General Assembly this month, Pompeo answered: “I can’t say. It depends on the ayatollah whether he will make the right decision regarding the course of his country. ”

Pompeo said on the air of Fox News: “President Trump will decide whether to meet, he needs the opportunity to achieve positive results for Americans. He stated that he would meet with him without preconditions. ”

On Wednesday Trump allowed the opportunity to hold a meeting with Rouhani on the sidelines of the UN GA general political debate. “Everything is possible,”- he said. “They want to talk. They want to make a deal, ”- the American leader added, speaking about the Iranian authorities.

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