Thierry Mariani, French MP in the European Parliament, said Paris is obligated to strengthen relations with Moscow. The first step to this will be the lifting of sanctions.


The politician said that he supported the course of French President Emmanuel Macron, who is trying to get closer to Russia.
On the radio station France Info. He noted that the ideas of the country’s leader correspond not only to the interests of the state, but  to all of Europe as well. Now Mariani intends to expect real action from the government. On August 27 at the meeting of French ambassadors Macron said that the era of Western powers is gradually ending. This is due to the strengthening of new states. For this reason, he noted that the development of partnership with Russia will be an opportunity to create a “new architecture of trust and security in Europe.” He made this speech a week after meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. A similar thesis was recently voiced by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. He said that all sanctions related to the conflict in the Donbass must be lifted. According to him, many Russians suffer from economic restrictions

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