The Turkish authorities can implement their own plan for Syria if the Turkish military, by agreement with the United States, does not form a “security zone” in the Syrian areas east of the Euphrates River by the end of September. It was announced on September 8 by the head of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the province of Malatya according to Anadolu Ajansi.

According to his words, the goals of Washington and Ankara to create a “security zone” in Syria are “excellent” – the US side is trying to “balance” between Ankara and members of illegal armed groups in the same territory, and Ankara aims to destroy the militants in the “zone security ”in Syria completely .
“Ankara’s ally is trying to create a“ security zone ”in Syria – not only in the interests of Turkey, but for terrorists,” the head of state said. – “We reject this approach.” Turkish and US armed forces use unmanned aerial vehicles to patrol the northeastern regions of Syria.

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