The largest protest auction of yellow vests took place in Montpellier. About 3,000 protesters went to the streets of the city.

The yellow vest movement resumed protests in France. On Saturday, September 7, demonstrations were held in large cities, several thousand people took part in them.
During the protests, there were several clashes between the participants and the police. So, 89 “yellow vests” were detained and released in Paris, in addition, law enforcement officers issued more than 60 warnings. In the French capital, about 800 people took part in the protest. The demonstration has become more numerous than previous yellow vest campaigns in recent months. The police also noted that most of the protesters behaved peacefully.

The largest rally of yellow vests took place in Montpellier. About 3,000 protesters took to the streets of the city, including 500 radicals from the so-called Black Block. Demonstrators set fire to a police car in the center of Montpellier, in turn, law enforcement officers used tear gas. Two protesters were temporarily detained.

In addition, hundreds of people attended the auction in Rouen, despite the fact that the city authorities banned the demonstrations on Saturday by special decree. Several yellow vests in Rouen were temporarily detained, and more than 100 people received warnings. Small rallies of “yellow vests” were also held in Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg and some other cities.
Recall that since November 2018, protests of “yellow vests” have been held in France – usually on weekends. Almost from the very beginning, they were accompanied by clashes with the police, acts of violence and vandalism. Initially, the protesters opposed the introduction of a tax, which could lead to a rise in price of gasoline, and demanded an increase in the minimum wage.

After the government approved a moratorium on raising the fuel tax and made a number of other concessions, the demonstrators began to protest in general against the reforms of the government and President Macron. On April 25, the head of state in a televised address to the people promised, in particular, to lower taxes for the middle class and to facilitate the holding of referenda.

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