Moscow sanctions make German farmers suffer

The anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union are not so terrible for Germany as the retaliatory measures taken by Moscow. This statement was made by the chairman of the branch of the Christian Democratic Union Party in Thuringia Mike Moring.


He emphasized that, first of all, local farmers suffer from the sanctions standoff. And against this backdrop, residents of the eastern regions of Germany “expect that relations with Russia will recover.”

“We do not suffer as much from the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia as from sanctions imposed by Moscow, in particular in the field of agriculture,” – a German politician said, noting that for the eastern part of Germany cooperation with the Russian Federation has always been of greater importance, than for western.

EU anti-Russian sanctions were introduced in 2014 against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis and the return of the Crimean Peninsula to Russia. Since then, sanctions have been regularly extended and even intensified, despite the fact that such a policy has seriously hit European business. Now they are  raising the question of lifting restrictive measures against the Russian Federation in Europe more and more  , which will allow resuming bilateral trade, however, in Brussels they are not in a hurry to revise the official position.


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