The Ukrainian leadership took a  risky step when it decided to release and transfer to the Russian side a defense commander of the Slavic DNR team Vladimir Tsemakh as an exchange.

Kiev publication “Mirror of the week.” writes about this topic.
The article notes that the actions of Kiev will seriously affect the motivation of the Ukrainian security forces, and supporters of the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions will get an extra argument in favor of their position. All this can seriously affect the positions of Ukraine in the Donbass.
However, according to the publication, it is much worse that the Ukrainian side can be expelled from the Joint Investigative Group, which allegedly is investigating a plane crash in the sky over the Donbass, however, in practice it has only tried to blame Russia. Now, given the actions of the Kiev authorities, the Netherlands will have a new “scapegoat” – Ukraine, which “will be blamed for the prospects of further investigation.”
The authors advise Vladimir Zelensky to reconsider the approach. Otherwise, the guarantor is threatened with a new Maidan.
As News Front previously reported, in June Vladimir Tsemakh was abducted from his own apartment in Snezhnoye and taken to Kiev, in connection with the charges in the case of a Malaysian airliner shot down in the sky over the Donbass. Later, Zemach was released by court order and, despite protests by radicals and the Netherlands, was transferred to Moscow as part of an exchange.


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