Events in Hong Kong cannot be understood without at least two other components: the historical memory of Hong Kong (the Opium Wars, the relative historical independence of southern China, the British and European influence in general on the formation of a special mentality), and without the general situation around China. Hong Kong has become part of a brutal attack on China.


Kerry Lam, head of the Hong Kong Governing Body, reports that the bill has been withdrawn and is no longer being discussed. Will this help? No. And the demonstrations did not decline. From the end of July to the beginning of August, it was clear that the extradition bill was frozen. And the point is not in it, but in the slogan “Hong Kong is not China.” That is, “late and not about that.” And also the next Monday and Thursday a general strike is scheduled.

Is it the victory of the demonstrators, the victory of the “street” over the “power”? Oddly enough, either. This is a loss on both sides: Hong Kong will never be the same, and mainland China will have to lose the position of a formidable, but for now an outside observer and take harsh measures.

Maybe it will be resolve ?No. The irrationalization of the protest took place: the protest and pogroms became valuable in themselves. Because “tired”, because the PRC authorities overestimated their support in Hong Kong, because the street felt power and drive. Because Hong Kong blocked itself: the airport almost does not work, express trains do not run from the airport to the city, monstrous traffic jams on the streets. Because the economy has “stopped”: turnstiles in the subway are broken, and people go back and forth for free (after all, a revolution! It’s possible!), They smash windows and ATMs. And everywhere – the drive from a clash with the police.

And there is no positive program – that is, there are no clearly formulated requirements that would force people to leave the street. Everything went into a protracted phase.
Actually, for the sake of this, everything was started. And the trade war between China and the United States was only the beginning.

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