Georgian Prime Minister Candidate assessed prospects of talks with Russia

Tbilisi has quite effective formats for negotiations with Moscow, and they should be used fully.

Such a statement was made by the Minister of the Interior and the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Georgia from the ruling party, George Gakharia.
According to him, it makes no sense to talk about new formats of the negotiation process until the old resources are wasted.
“We have to understand one thing, that today we have formats. We are talking with the Russian Federation and until we have exhausted all the possibilities that exist today, whether it is the Geneva or Abashidze-Karasin formats, talking about other new formats is probably premature. First of all, we should be focused on exhausting the possibilities of these formats and using them as efficiently as possible, ”- the politician explained.
He also appreciated the prospect of a dialogue with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, emphasizing that  it is necessary “to maximize activation of everything related to public diplomacy”. “The relevant departments are working effectively so that the results are even more tangible and effective,”- Gaharia added.