About 150 students and their parents protested against the introduction of a gender-neutral uniform at Lewis High School in East Sussex, England.

Since the new school year, the school has made the wearing of trousers mandatory for all students – both for boys and for girls.
The school’s administration says the length of girls’ skirts prompted her to take this step; in addition, the new rules are more responsive to the needs of several transgender students in this school.
Dissatisfied with the new rules people believe that students should have the right to choose, and indicate that the already purchased uniform will now be wasted.
Former student at the school, television host Pierce Morgan expressed solidarity with the protesters on Twitter. According to him, “gender-neutral insanity” has got out of control, and girls should be girls, and boys should be boys.
In 2017, this school introduced a ban on skirts for new students entering the school, and from this Friday the ban was extended to everyone.
Those who do not follow the rules will be sent home to change clothes and only after they will be allowed to enter the school building.