The procedure of the exchange of held persons between Russia and Ukraine has started.

The lawyer Valentin Rybin confirmed this information, stressing that the exchange will begin in the coming hours without revealing the format in which the procedure will take place.
Rybin also noted that the Ukrainian side refuses to extradite a citizen of the Russian Federation, Ruslan Hajiyev, although he is listed on the exchange list, and all legal procedures have been carried out against him. The lawyer did not rule out that the situation could still change, “if Russia demonstrates its character.”
At the same time, according to the telegram channel “Президент с косой”, this morning a bus with special forces soldiers and a representative minibus, allegedly intended for detainees, arrived in the Moscow Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. Then they should be transported to the Vnukovo airport, where they will be at about 9 o’clock.
It is also noted that Moscow traffic jams could become a probable reason for the transfer of the exchange procedure to begin. If the exchange began yesterday, the road from the pre-trial detention center to the airport would take more than 2 hours. Today, the move will take about 40 minutes.
According to some Russian media, at 9: 00-9: 30 two aircrafts, TU-204 (RA-64058) and AN-148 (UR-UKR), will simultaneously fly from Vnukovo Airport and Kiev Boryspil.

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