An insulting statement concerning the appearance of the wife of the President of France was made possible by Brazilian Minister of Economy Paulo Gedes during his speech to entrepreneurs in the city of Fortaleza in the north-east of the country. This was reported on September 6 by Bloomberg ..

Paulo Gedes was outraged how media writes about the activities of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru. According to Gedes, the press prefers to replicate the president’s comments about someone’s appearance instead of telling people about the country’s progress.

At the same time, Gedes noted that he agrees with the insulting statement of Bolsonar about the appearance of the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron Brigitte Macron. Seeing the laughter of those present, the minister added that ugly women do not exist, there are only bad angles.

Later, Gedes apologized for his statement, explaining that he did not want to offend anyone, but only tried to use the example of the situation with Brigitte Macron to show that press in Brazil is one-sided, so urgent and important issues for the country did not receive necessary attention.

It was reported earlier that an offensive comment was made by the President of Brazil, Bolsonar, to the wife of the President of France, Brigitte Macron, which he left under the picture on Facebook.

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