The war correspondent of the News Front team, Alexander Kievsky, recorded an exclusive interview with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Vladislav Deinego.

Speaking about the stage at which the implementation of the Minsk process is currently underway, the politician said that Ukraine was not ready to fulfill the obligations, Ukraine was evading its obligations, now we are seeing some rushing, but we see that the Ukrainian side is trying to find own line of behavior as for other areas of work, it is impossible to talk about the exchange of persons, Ukraine is not yet ready for the exchange of prisoners. “For two years we have been trying to resume this process. Ukraine has intentions, there are no intentions”, – says Deinego.

As for another aspect, the restoration of the blown up span of the bridge, that is, certain progress. We have reached understanding on recovery issues. The repair process is delayed by Ukraine, they did not provide technical indicators of the design that they are going to build, there is only an understanding of the dates. October 4 is defined as the start of work and November 18 – as completion and again these dates are relevant to certain conditions. Therefore, the implementation of the agreements is now being violated by Ukraine.

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