The militants of the Taliban terrorist group launched a large-scale attack on the city of Farah in the province of the same name in the west of the country.

The city was attacked from three directions at once. Nevertheless, government forces were still able to repel the first wave, pushing the militants into the suburbs, where fighting continues to this day. According to recent reports, there, terrorists were able to seize several government agencies.

Local law enforcers report that thirty militants were eliminated during the battles. At the same time, the Associated Press news agency reports about two civilians who died and fifteen more injured.

As News Front previously reported, US officials are close to concluding an agreement with the Taliban. It was against this background that the terrorists stepped up their activities. So, in late August, militants tried to storm the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan, and on the eve of a major terrorist attack in the capital of the republic near the US Embassy and NATO headquarters.

Official Kabul is extremely alarmed by the consequences of a deal between Washington and the terrorists. They do not exclude a full-scale civil war, therefore they insist on a detailed study of the agreement with an assessment of the likely consequences.

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