The “tough” scenario, according to which the United Kingdom is likely to withdraw from the European Union, is not in Estonia’s interests at all, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Urmas Reinsalu stated.

In this regard, he advised deliberately preparing for the worst outcome for Estonians who work or have business in the UK.

“Unfortunately, tourists and businessmen will not ignore the consequences associated with Brexit. Therefore, from the very beginning, the main priority of the Estonian government was to protect the rights of citizens and business interests”, – the minister said, recognizing that, despite the efforts of the authorities, chaos could not be avoided.

Reinsalu lamented that Brexit was not at all in Estonian interests, although they were hardly taken into account in London.

So, the kingdom authorities previously unveiled new guidelines for those who will soon become migrants from EU countries.

If the “hard” Brexit is implemented, then all of them will be able to request a residence permit for a period of three years through the portal of public services, but, given the number of applicants, the procedure can be seriously delayed.

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