ISIS prepares a punitive operation in Syria

The militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization threaten to massacre residents of one of the settlements in eastern Syria.

For example, a local jihadist cell distributed leaflets with the names of people who had previously joined the pro-American group Syrian Democratic Forces.

Leaflets appear at the entrances to the mosques of the village of Abu Hardub, which is located northeast of the city of Deir Ez-Zor near the Euphrates River. Terrorists demand repentance from those on their list, otherwise they are promise to kill them.

The settlement of Abu Hardub has been under the control of a pro-American group since the beginning of last year. At the same time, Syrian democratic forces are known for the forced recruitment of potential civilian militants.

As News Front previously reported, in August Islamic state propagandists issued a statement threatening to attack Syrian cities previously liberated from jihadists. Later, in early September, Islamic state militants struck in the province of Deraa, attacking Syrian Arab army personnel.