South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Hong Namghi at the EEF said he would propose the creation of a South Korean-Russian investment fund.

According to him, this issue, in particular, will be discussed during the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation between the two countries, which will be held on September 24 in Moscow. It is also planned to consider projects under the 9 Bridges plan, which provides for development in several areas, including in the energy and transport sectors.

“I want to propose the establishment of a joint South Korean-Russian investment fund, especially in the field of component materials and equipment”, – said the Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea.

“I think that such an investment fund will help develop the industry of components, equipment and materials”, – he stressed.

“By combining the source technologies of Russia with Korean capital, we can develop bilateral cooperation, and I would like to elaborate and discuss this again at a joint commission”, – said the South Korean Deputy Prime Minister.

He noted that the South Korean government is developing measures to stabilize the import of certain materials and equipment. As an example, he named the supply of hydrogen fluoride. “Russia has hydrogen fluoride, therefore, to stabilize the supply of such resources to Korea, we can cooperate with Russia,” he explained.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea noted the development of joint infrastructure projects with Russia.