Official Kabul seriously concerned about Washington’s deal with Taliban

The United States is close to reaching an agreement with the Taliban, however the consequences of this deal could lead to disaster. Such a statement was made by the press secretary of the President of Afghanistan Siddick Siddiqui.

He drew attention to the report of American diplomats who expressed no less concern about the consequences of the transaction. In their opinion, the situation could turn into a new outbreak of armed confrontation in the republic, and the Afghan authorities share such concerns. In this regard, Kabul urges to work out certain clarifications on the agreement and to analyze the possible consequences of its signing.

It is worth noting that against the backdrop of negotiations between the US and the Taliban, the activity of a terrorist group in Afghanistan has increased dramatically. Earlier, News Front reported on a terrorist attack that occurred in Kabul near the country’s Ministry of Defense and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance.