This year the militants of the Islamic State released a series of propaganda videos updating the “bayat” (oath) to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from around the world. Currently, 15 videos have been published from Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, India, Tunisia, Russia, Nigeria, Azerbaijan and others.

However, the low level of quality of terrorist propaganda, revealed in the video analysis once again proves that there is simply nothing for the Islamists to operate on such a vast territory.

For example, only two militants are shown on the video from the “Wilayat Caucasus”, while they have in their hands the airsoft AKSU and the pneumatic Makarov MP-654K with a silencer.

The video of “Wilayat Azerbaijan” (the majority of the population professes Shiite) demonstrates only 3 militants.  

In the “Vilayat Turkey” (a neutral transit point of Islamists of all stripes) 3 militants are shown. From the “Bengal Wilayat” – 4 militants.  In other countries, from 2 to 10 militants appear on the screen.

The relatively massive presence of supporters of the “Islamic state” in the videos was recorded in countries that have long been a haven for terrorists: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Philippines and African countries.

With the loss of the main territories in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State to this day seeks to wishful thinking through propaganda materials.

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