The federal police ransacked two dozen homes suspected of carrying migrants on Wednesday. According to authorities, about 620 officials were involved, 23 apartments in Bremen, Lower Saxony and Nuremberg were examined.

Suspects are accused of transporting illegal immigrants to Germany. To this end, they reportedly provided potential Albanian workers with fake Greek or Italian identity documents. They also provided them with false addresses, organized jobs, and helped with visits to authorities and opening accounts. Firearms were also found.

The federal police acted on behalf of the Prosecutor’s Office in Bremen, which is investigating the smuggling of foreigners and forgery of documents.

According to Bild-Zeitung, the focus of the investigation is on a family from northern Macedonia. In addition, citizenship suspects in Germany, Turkey and Albania were checked.

Police confiscated mobile phones and computers, and also found three firearms in one of the apartments. Investigations are ongoing.

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