The number of detainees in Hong Kong since the beginning of the protests has increased to 1,187 people, the Xinhua News Agency reported with reference to the police.

Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of June this year, the police detained 1,117 people in connection with participation in large-scale protests and the violation of certain legislative norms.

It is reported that now the number of detainees from the beginning of the unrest is 1,187 people. The last detentions took place on Wednesday, these were four men aged 22 to 44 years. They are charged with unlawful assembly, assault and bodily harm, and conspiracy to attack.

Earlier Wednesday, Hong Kong administration chief Carrie Lam announced a decision by the authorities to completely revoke the extradition bill, which led to lengthy protests that grew from peaceful demonstrations into violent clashes on the streets. According to Lam, all necessary procedures will be launched when the break in the legislative assembly ends. After three months of chaos, the authorities made concessions on only one of the five demands of the protesters.

The protesters, in turn, were dissatisfied and continue to demand the abolition of the term “riots” in relation to the June 12 protests, the release of all previously arrested demonstrators, an independent investigation of police actions during the June 12 protests, and the introduction of direct general elections for the head of the district administration and legislative assembly. Carrie Lam said that the government would not make concessions under the amnesty, as this would be contrary to the rule of law, and the Independent Police Complaints Council would investigate the police during the protests, rather than an independent commission, as protesters demand.

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