India has lost Kashmir already. How and when India withdraws its troops from Kashmir, is a matter of time of convenience only and world will witness it soon. India occupied part of Kashmir in 1947 just at the time of partition of the subcontinent from British rule. It was principle decision that areas with the Muslim Majority, will be part of Pakistan and Areas with Hindu Majority will be part of India. But, Indian troops entered Kashmir unilaterally and occupied a part of it. When faced severe resistance from local Kashmiri people, the Indian Prime Minister of that time Nehru approached the UN for a ceasefire.

UNSC passed several resolutions on Kashmir, which emphasized to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir and people of Kashmir were given the right of self-determination, either to join India or Pakistan. Of course, 87% of the population of Kashmir was Muslim and it was very much predictable that people of Kashmir will vote to join Pakistan. India kept on delaying the implementation of UN resolution for 7 decades and simultaneously working on the other hand to change the demography of Kashmir, to change the Muslim majority by the inhabitation of Hindus from other parts of India to settle in Kashmir. India deployed almost one million Army in Kashmir to suppress the Kashmiri People, Indian missionaries, NGOs, Civil Society Activists, Academicians, Teachers, Preachers, Doctors, intellectuals, and Civil Servants were deployed in Kashmir to change their ideology and suppress the Muslims in Kashmir. As a matter of fact, the Indian army was given free hands to kill, detain, torture, kidnap, rape, arrest or harm in any manner, without any judicial procedures. It was draconian laws and used against the Kashmir people wildly. They burnt the crops, damage the house, destroyed their businesses and harmed their economy. India crossed all limits of human rights violation in the history of known human beings.

Indian provocation of constitution, violation of UN resolutions, deviation from Simla Agreement between India and Pakistan, and against all norms of civilized world, imposed a curfew in Kashmir on 5th of August 2019, and removed the constitutional clauses 370 and 35A to bring the Kashmir under direct central government control, abandoned the special status according to UN resolution.

Since the unilateral action of the Indian government, on 5th August, the International Community has condemned India, UN Security Council has shown deep concerns, and European Parliament has asked India to reverse its actions and remove curfew immediately. Protests, agitations, demonstrations, and anti-India rallies have been witnessed all around the world. Some of the Governments might have economic interests with India but the public opinion and sentiments prevail against Indian actions in Kashmir. I believe, none of the wise government can ignore the public sentiments easily.

Although India has isolated Kashmir from the rest of the world, by suspending the Internet, Phone and Mobile Services. India has evacuated all foreigners, visitors, and media personnel from Kashmir to hide its heinous crimes in Kashmir. Yet limited information are available and covered by International media. BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian, Reuters, etc. all are converging what so ever limited available information.

On the other hand, inside India, all opposition parties, civil society, NGOs, Human Right Organizations, Peace activists, Minorities, Intellectuals, Think Tanks, moderate media, and even moderate Hindus and BJP workers are raising their voices. India is a country with 250 million Muslims, 150 Million Sikhs, 100 Million Christians, and many other religions and minorities. All of them are scared of the situation in Kashmir and feeling a direct threat. What will be their future, no one can predict, but if the same ideology prevails in the ruling party, all of them are afraid of their future.

India has been facing several insurgencies due to its injustice system. In fact, the caste system in Hindu religion is major cause of injustice in India, and especially since the extremists hijacked the Government, the threat has enhanced many folds. Since the Kashmir crackdown, the insurgencies have become more violent and visible, which might lead to the disintegration of India. Economic losses due to massive military actions have made India even more vulnerable.

In view of the above, one can conclude easily that India may not be able to sustain its occupation of Kashmir for a long time. It is better for India to leave Kashmir, or disintegrate. Author: Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomate), Academician, Researcher, Peace-activist, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), Islamabad, Pakistan

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