“The government crisis in Italy will not affect Russian-Italian relations and Italian investment to the Russian Federation,”  – Vincenzo Trani, President of the Italo-Russian Chamber of Commerce announced.

“I don’t think that the crisis in Italy can affect bilateral relations. The real relations between Russia and Italy are relations between two peoples, not between political parties. During the history of the Italo-Russian Chamber of Commerce which lasts for 55 years political regimes and government  have changed in Italy. Despite this, relations between countries have always remained strong, ” – Trani said in one of the interviews .

He noted that the relations between the leaders of the two countries have always remained good, despite different crises. “The government crisis has no negative impact on Italian investment to Russia. What really affects and harms investments is misinformation,” – Trani said.
He explained that recently there have been  a publication containing incorrect information in the Financial Time that had hurt foreign investment to the Russian Federation.

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