Due to the conditions of the hybrid war, it is justifiable to consider fishing and research vessels as potential targets – military analysts of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Norway say.

“Most Russian civilian courts have or may be assigned intelligence missions . This allows Russian civilian courts to become legitimate targets in a hybrid military situation, ” –  portal AldriMer writes about the conclusion of the staff of the Norwegian Defense Research Institute .

It is noteworthy that Norwegian experts came to this conclusion with the support of the United States. US Naval Graduate School helped conduct an appropriate research project, during which they observed “abnormal movement of a civilian ship,” and it was concluded that such vessels “can be used for monitoring or reconnaissance.”

What is more, military analysts propose considering Russian research vessels, which are equipped with high-tech equipment, and therefore “can be turned into effective spy ships” as a potential target.

According to media reports, the Norwegian-American project has already attracted the attention of the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance and Norwegian Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen.

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