The scandalous message of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, which questioned the role of the Soviet Union in the victory over Hitler Germany, did not find support in Bulgarian society. Moreover, the statement caused people`s indignation 

The Bulgarians criticized the text and did not share the position of the diplomatic service. Moreover, many people see US influence in a scandalous statement.
“Who is the author of this text? Does he work in the Foreign Ministry? What is his position and where did he study? in the States? Does the author know that our country exists thanks to Russia, and we are the only ones who have not lost their territory? ”- people write on social networks.
“The Russian people liberated us twice !!! And you must always remember this and defend the historical truth! ” – another user emphasizes.
“The declaration of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry is a manifestation of new fascism in Europe and in the world! This is a shame for Bulgaria. Bulgarians know the historical truth well! 75 years ago, the glorious Soviet army liberated Europe and Bulgaria from fascism and saved our country from a new national catastrophe with the active participation of anti-fascist resistance, our worthy parents and ancestors! Eternal glory !!! ”, –  says Emilia Lazarova on the network.
Bulgarians urge the prime minister and president to apologize and demand the resignation of a Foreign Ministry official who issued a statement that could drag Bulgaria into a diplomatic scandal.
The situation was also commented on by a Bulgarian security expert Boyan Chukov. “Listening to what Warsaw says to mark the outbreak of World War II and the accusations against Russia, we can expect Berlin to announce soon that Germany has made the biggest contribution to the defeat of Nazism,”- he emphasizes ironically, noting that the statement made by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry is outright propaganda of fascism.

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