Tbilisi welcomes the decision of US President Donald Trump to represent Kelly Degnan as ambassador to Georgia and is ready for active cooperation with her. This was announced on Wednesday by the acting Foreign Minister of the Republic David Zalkaliani.


“America is our main strategic partner. We are inked with the United States very closely . It is on the highest level now. The new ambassador is the first one appointed by the Trump administration in Georgia. We welcome her appointment. According to my information, certain procedures must be completed before approval , Senate committee hearings. After these procedures are completed, of course, we will actively cooperate with her, ” – Zalkaliani said.

Degnan`s candidacy is to be approved by the Senate of Congress. Degnan currently works as a political adviser to the commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa. She also served as US Undersecretary of State for Italy, Deputy Executive Secretary of the State Department and Deputy US Ambassador to unrecognized Kosovo.

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