The anti-Russian protest that unfolded in Georgia last summer was a well-developed program, the initiators of which are located in Washington.

It was told by Georgian lawyer and native Nino Lomidze in a publication for the American publication Eurasia Review.
She emphasized that the US had thought out all the details of the protest, including the main slogan “Russia occupied 20%.” Lomidze drew attention to the fact that T-shirts with such an inscription appeared on sale in Georgia a year ago, last fall. After some time, the office of a pro-American non-governmental organization with the symbolic name “Free Russia” was opened in Tbilisi. The NGO is led by the director of human rights at the McCain Institute, David Kramer, as well as diplomat Jan Kelly, who formerly headed the US Embassy in Georgia. It was the latter who authored the aforementioned slogan – he spoke it in his speech back in 2015.
The Georgian office of Free Russia was entrusted to Yegor Kuroptev, the author of the Russophobic Zona Borderline project, known for its ties with the fugitive ex-president of the country, Mikhail Saakashvili’s Unified National Movement. It is around the NGO Free Russia that a group of executors of the June protests will form in the future,-  the author emphasizes.
“When the plan was ready, the most important thing remained – to find an excuse,” – she continues, noting that the opening of the meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy was known in advance, as was the protocol of the event, according to which the Russian parliamentarian was to seated in the chair of the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament . Having decided that it was this fact that would cause “dissatisfaction”, the organizers acted according to a scheme that was repeatedly used in various countries.
At the same time, the media connected with the United States systematically showed events in Tbilisi “from the right angle”, which was facilitated by Western analylitic centers. One of these conducted a public opinion poll, giving out a picture of “growing fears of Russian aggression.”
“Talking about how the situation will develop further is difficult. The protests in June only showed many problems, in particular, the lack of a regulatory framework to counter external interference, ”- the lawyer explains. “Now it’s completely unclear where the line of demarcation is located between help from partners and attempts to influence political processes, between promotion of interests and coercion.”

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