The Republika Srpska opposes the country’s accession to NATO as an entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This was stated in an interview to war correspondent Sergei Belous by the leader of the Bosnian Serbs and a member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entry into NATO cannot happen. Republika Srpska adopted its resolution on military neutrality and clearly stated that it did not want to be a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. We have made it clear that we are not going to move towards NATO and will not be part of this alliance due to a number of political, military, economic and other reasons, ” – the Bosnian Serbs leader emphasized.

He is skeptical of the thesis that joining NATO will improve the economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, citing the negative experience of Croatia and Montenegro.

“Serbs as a people have no reason to amnesty the illegal bombing of the 90s through joining NATO. We value the role and position of Russia in the region, but we believe that there is no need to enter military alliances. That is why we keep neutrality. Our position is taken in a very reasonable way from the Russian side, but we get an ultimatum from the West . We don’t get anything from NATO membership, but we’re losing friends, ” – Dodik said.

The constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina delegates the majority of power to the two constituent parts of the federation (so-called entities), each of which has its own constitution.

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