Marco Djurić, head of the Serbian Chancellery for Kosovo and Metohija, commented on the latest attack in this controversial region. According to his words, it means that violence against the Serbs continues, and called for tough sanctions for the perpetrators.

Two days ago a group of Albanians attacked a minor Serb in the city of Kosovsk-Mitrovica. The victim was hospitalized with serious consequences of blows and a knife wound.

“We are talking about intimidation of the Serbs, an attempt to drive them away,” – Djurić commented on  the ongoing acts of violence, speaking on the radio and television of Serbia.

He called on the security services to respond urgently and bring the criminals to justice .

“If they don’t want to repeat the scenario of Pristina, Djakovitsa, Prizren, where there are no more Serbs left in Kosovsk-Mitrovica, it is impossible to impose decisions that the local population doesn’t agree with. Any decision should be negotiated with the Serbs in Kosovo,” –  the minister announced while answering the question about the political situation in the region.

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