Greek authorities declare that smugglers are using new technology and fast boats, so the country will intensify patrolling its maritime borders.

Greece has declared emergency measures to combat the influx of asylum seekers arriving from Turkey so as not to repeat the 2015 crisis. The measures were introduced by the Minister of Civil Protection Michalis Chrysohoides, – The Guardian reports on Monday, September 2.

“We are witnessing huge surge of migrants, facilitated by smugglers with new methods and faster boats. If the situation continues, we will repeat 2015. We will take measures to protect our borders and we will be stricter and faster in their application,” – said the minister.

Greek authorities have promised to increase patrols along maritime borders, primarily to combat carriers of illegal migrants. The Greek government will also turn to NATO and the EU to help intensify patrols in the area.

Currently, almost 11 thousand people live in a migrant camp on the island, which is designed for a maximum of 3 thousand people. Almost half of the 56,000 refugees and migrants who arrived in Europe this year passed through the Greek islands.

 More than 160 illegal migrants moved from Turkey to Greece.

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