The North Atlantic Alliance is no longer the main threat to Belarus, as Ukraine plays this role with its stream of weapons stolen during the punitive operation zone in  Donbass.

The corresponding statement was made by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, speaking on Tuesday, September 3, at an international anti-terrorism conference in the capital of the republic.

According to him, the Belarusian authorities made a forced decision to strengthen the protection of the state border with Ukraine.

“We have to close the border with our brothers and friends, even tougher than with NATO, who have been our primary threat for years ,” –  Lukashenko said.

He explained the decision by the fact that a stream of weapons “rushed from the territory of Ukraine into Belarus.” “And if  weapons fall into the hands of ordinary people, and especially <…> nationalists, we are to wait for terrorist attacks,” – the president added.

As News Front previously reported, shortage of weapons is regularly recorded in the area of ​​the punitive operation, deserters flee the front line, taking machine guns with them, and the command takes out lots of weapons from the Donbass with the assistance of the so-called volunteers who regularly come to the punitive locations. At the same time, Ukrainian security officials regularly identify ex-ATO workers with various arsenals at their homes in various regions of the country.

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