The American shale revolution was not as successful as Washington had expected. In the United States 26 energy companies have stopped working since the beginning of this year, meanwhile failing to conquer the European market. Not surprisingly, the U.S. takes an extremely desperate step by offering their services to Belarus.

According to information from the apparatus of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, in Warsaw the energy issues were discussed at a meeting of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic, Stanislav Zasy, with colleagues from Poland, Ukraine and the United States. There, the American delegation began to persistently seek Belarusian representatives to sabotage energy cooperation with Russia, naturally, in favor of cooperation with the United States. In addition, the Americans even found a “solution” for Minsk, based on Ukrainian experience. Apparently, the Americans failed to make a profitable offer. They only agreed on a discount for logistics.

For Washington, such perseverance is typical. Their energy industry has faced a number of problems amid the construction of Nord Stream-2, which deprives the United States of prospects in the European energy market.

As News Front previously reported, Ukraine will soon buy American LNG. At the same time, Poland will become an intermediary in the deal. Unfortunately for Ukraine, the cost of such an energy carrier will be 2.5 times higher than what the country pays even for reverse European gas.

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