In the north-eastern regions of Syria, being still under the control of the Kurdish armed forces supported by the United States, a representative of the official Damascus is caught as a captive by the terrorists. It is reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces group are reported to have captured the chairman of the trade union office in the city of Kamyshly, located on the Syrian-Turkish border. The official was illegally detained when he crossed the checkpoint on the outskirts of the city. The reasons for such action by militants remain unknown.

As News Front previously reported, part of the regions of the Syrian Arab Republic still remains under American control. While civil life is getting better in other provinces, the terrorists supported by Washington are outraging there. This situation allows the States to maintain illegal, but a presence in Syria. Illegal oil production takes place in the Euphrates Valley and Zaevfratie, which is subsequently exported abroad by the efforts of the United States and its “manual” militants.

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