Plahotniuc says goodbye to Moldova: oligarch assets are methodically sold out

Fugitive Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc estimates the real chances of returning to the country, because 51% of the shares of his company BASS Systems have come to the control of the Austrian S&T AG.

It became known about the deal on Wednesday at the Taiwan Stock Exchange as one of the operations of Hua Han, which, in turn, belongs to Taiwanese economic giant Foxconn. It also controls more than 26% of the capital S&T AG.

According to Taiwanese media, it was the Austrian company that acquired the stake in the Moldavian BASS Sytems. The fact is that S&T has already tried to enter the Moldovan market in the past. Then, in the 2000s, Plahotniuc opened his own company, BASS Sytems, and in a few years made it practically a monopolist in the field of IT consulting, forcing government agencies to cooperate exclusively with it.

The Austrians did not have a good business then, so now they are trying for the second time to conquer Moldova, having removed their former competitor from the road. S&T AG paid 5.74 million euros for 51% of the shares.  It is noteworthy that the shares were bought from a private person whose name is not mentioned.


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