Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev commented on the US air strike on the de-escalation zone in Syrian Idlib, inflicted in violation of all agreements and without prior notice to key powers in countering terrorism in the region – Russia and Turkey.

“The blow was struck in order, primarily, to show that Washington is not going to reckon with anyone, and secondly, that it retains an active role in the Syrian process,” – the Russian diplomat notes.

According to him, this is the classic “Hiroshima principle” for the United States, when the main target of the demonstration attack is not the enemy, who is essentially defeated, and civilians will suffer more from the blow. But the lesson is addressed to other opponents of the United States, which are more expensive to attack directly, and you need to show who is the boss in the house.

“It’s a rather vile method, that also endangers the preservation of the very important ceasefire in the conflict zone, but the United States act fundamentally: or as we say, or in no way. Like, we don’t need peace in Syria on its own, we need everyone to talk about the victory and the dominant role of America., “- says Kosachev.

At the same time, the US allies, especially those who talk a lot about pathos among civilians during the operations of Russia or the Syrian authorities, will again not “notice” the victims of American raids. Why is this no longer surprising anyone? Double standard as a policy norm.

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