G20 Labor Ministers met on Sunday in Matsuyama, Japan (Ehime Prefecture). According to the organizers, the main topic of discussion during the two-day negotiations will be the problems of employment, both of the young generation and the elderly, against the background of serious changes in the structure of the society.

“With the progress of globalization, the world of work and employment has reached a turning point. I would like our discussion to help create a sustainable future in this area,” said Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Takumi Nemoto at the opening of the meeting.

The head of the Japanese authorities also promised to introduce Japan’s experience in the employment of older people, as a country with the most rapid pace of population aging among all G20 countries.

Another important topic for discussion will be the issue of speedy elimination of gender inequality in the field of employment. Starting point in the discussion of this topic is noted to be the agreement reached by the G20 labor ministers in 2014, when the goal was to achieve a 25% reduction in the gender gap in employment by 2025.

Participants also plan to discuss issues of demographic change, free access to new types of work and other relevant topics. According to the results of two-day negotiations, the parties are also expected to sign a joint final declaration.

According to the organizers, about 250 representatives from 20 participating countries will take part in the meeting in total.

In connection with the event, Matsuyama has taken additional security measures. In particular, the security of airports and railway stations has been strengthened, and police with service dogs are patrolling the streets of the city.

The G20 Summit was held on June 28-29 in Osaka. It became the first such forum in Japan.

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