President of Serbia: Serbian list should take part in elections in Kosovo

Serbian President Alexander Vučić announced that the Serbian list (a political group representing the interests of Serbs in Kosovo) should take part in the parliamentary elections in Kosovo, win and continue the struggle for the rights of its people. He also noticed that the Republic of Serbia will continue to provide assistance to Kosovo Serbs. This was reported by the Serbian public television and radio company Radio and Television of Serbia.

The president believes the group will  face many opponents in both the Albanian and Serbian media opposing the interests of the Serbian people. At the same time, he added that he counted on the spiritual maturity of the Serbs, who could make the right choice.

Speaking of the numerous provocations of the Albanian population before the elections, Vučić said that Serbia will continue to help its compatriots in Kosovo. According to him, financial resources have already been allocated for various projects in Serbian communities.


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